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Might be an interesting conversation to have if we ever get around to conversation about ethics and such.

Candidate Reynolds had an enormous financial advantage over candidate Grubb. Did it make any difference in the outcome?

Candidate Callahan had an enormous financial advantage over his four other Council candidates. I saw him several times on digital billboards around town again this past weekend as I did my chores! Did his $$$ make any difference in the outcome?

Some followers might remember the beginning of a good conversation about campaign finances back in 2019. Between Councilwoman Van Wirt and Councilman Callahan. Councilwoman Van Wirt self-funded, and “middle-class” Councilman Callahan raised the question of wealth determining who can run. Unfortunately, the conversation didn’t survive the election period.

Andrew Wagaman, “Allentown politicians bicker over proposed campaign contribution limits in future city elections.” Morning Call, March 25, 2021.

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