“Which candidate for the Mayor of Bethlehem will best serve the welfare of the City of Bethlehem?” – The Bethlehem Gadfly

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Whom do you believe, the endorsements of politicians evaluating other politicians or the citizens whose prime concern is good government and who religiously attend Bethlehem City Council meetings? Remember, council members tend to take care of their own.

A number of these citizens who regularly attend council meeting  have publicly expressed their negative opinions of Councilman Reynolds in this medium. These comments are not a subjective character evaluation of Mr. Reynolds but an objective opinion based upon their observations of the quality of his performance as a member of council.

What is amazing to me is that these current evaluations seem to confirm the opinions of earlier citizens who also regularly attended council meetings approximately 7-8 years ago.

The following is excerpted from a local newspaper at that time.  The question which each voter should ask themselves is: Which candidate for the Mayor of Bethlehem will best serve the welfare of the City of Bethlehem?

From Bill White, “Bethlehem politics not as genteel as you think.” Morning Call, April 5, 2013.

Antalics spent several weeks asking council meeting attendees to rate each council member, based on a grading system with zero as the low grade and four the highest. Reporter Matt Assad’s post explained:

“On Tuesday, he unveiled his mid-term grades and let’s just say some council members might want to hand in some extra credit before the next marking period. Forget for a moment that the results appear to be more of a ranking of who agrees with Mayor John Callahan, with those in most agreement getting the lowest grade. And forget that the grades are based on just 35 anonymous responses. Drumroll please.

“Here are the grades, based on the Antalics scale: David DiGiacinto – 3.3; Eric Evans – 2.9; Robert Donchez – 2.8; Jean Belinski – 2.3; Karen Dolan – 2.3; Gordon Mowrer – 1.8; J. William Reynolds – 1.4

” ‘So it’s only 35 responses, but these are the people who go to council meetings,’ Antalics contends. ‘These are the people who know them best.’



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